Sunday, January 3, 2010

Giant Granny Square Blanket

I used to decry being a needle worker who could only make blankets as gifts for others. Generally, New York apartments are such that if the heat is working, it is cranked so high that by February you’re reduced to wearing short shorts indoors even with the windows wide open. Or so I thought. What I didn’t realize when I worked was that heat is just for show. Late nights and daytime when most people are away, so is the heat. Suddenly blankets are a necessity. While I appreciate blankets crocheted with a tiny hook and delicate thread, I find myself in need of a more expedient solution. Enter the giant, big hook granny square blanket.

Giant Granny Square in Progress, Close Up

I still have a ways to go before it reaches a proper queen size, but it is large enough to cover me while I sleep now, so it’s getting a bit of use despite being unfinished. I’m working it in a rich white/cream/black/burgundy/purple colorway, which is a bit dark for my general taste, but perfect for my bedroom which is, compared to most of my apartment, relatively subdued. Every once and a while I regret my decision to paint the formerly Tiffany blue bedroom claret and I've been resisting the urge to put up a chartreuse headboard, but when I turn on the bedside lamp and curl up under my covers to read, the warm glow in the room always feels just right.

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