Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Covers That Make Me Smile

A friend who didn’t realize I’d spent the whole day of audio south of the Mason Dixon line, sent me this fantastic cover of a Blu Cantrell song, which was a dirty little favorite when I was younger. In fact, when my father was stationed in Abilene for a second time and we were driving (each in our own car at that point because my brother and I had bypassed driving age) cross country from Virginia to Abilene, I alternated between a mixed tape that featured the original version of the song and an audiotape of Sanctuary by William Faulkner. Of course, Faulkner being what he is, I popped the tapes in completely out of order and didn’t even realize until I was deep in the mountains of Tennessee:

This reminded me of another cover that makes me happy:

And lastly, another delightful take on a song I played nonstop in high school:

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